Where Can I Buy BC Pork?

cropped-BCpork_vrt_rgb1.jpg Knowing that you are purchasing BC Pork is not always easy. BC Pork is not produced in quantities that make it available in larger supermarkets.

Below are links to farmers who sell direct (or at select stores) and processors who receive BC hogs and ship pork products to retailers in BC. By clicking on the links you can find out more about some of our farmers and the processors who make delicious pork products from local BC farms.

Thank you for supporting our local farmers!

Donald’s Fine Foods – Donald’s is a processor of hogs
and supplies products to local retailers.

Gelderman Farms – Gelderman’s is a family farm in Abbotsford. They have direct farm sales, or you can find their product at select stores. You can also meet them at some farm markets.

Lepp Farm Market – Lepp is a family farm that sells their pork products at their own farm market in Abbotsford.

Johnston’s – Johnston’s is a processor of hogs and supplies products to local retailers. They have a very extensive list of stores that carry their products on
their website.

Tannadice Farms Ltd – Tannadice is a family farm on Vancouver Island.
Their website lists stores that carry their products.

Cutter Ranch – Cutter Ranch is a family farm located in Ft Steele in the Kootenays. They sell pasture raised pork as well as beef and lamb. They sell from their virtual meat shop. https://www.cutterranch.ca/

Stillmeadow Farm – Stillmeadow Farm is a family farm on southern Vancouver Island in Metchosin, They produce sheep, hogs and chickens as well as hay and several varieties of grain. Their website lists where they sell their fresh pork; https://www.stillmeadowfarm.ca/.

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